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Tour 2016

**Below is a description of our intended plan. However, as the blog posts reveal, our trip was cut short after two weeks due to my illness and we did not get to accomplish these goals.**

Our third Tour de France begins and ends in Bordeaux once again. Running from Thursday, June 16th through Tuesday, August 16th, 2016, this tour will be made up of 1 prologue & 1 epilogue that will take place in Bordeaux. The various stages will originate from one location, Annesse-et-Beaulieu, where we will be staying for 8 weeks. The details of these stages are currently undetermined but will be relatively short in distance and focus on the area between Bordeaux and Périgueux. We hope to cross the finish line with a clear idea of the specific location of our future home in France beginning in the Fall of 2017.

Below is a map of the area we will be traversing on this tour:

Tour 2016

For a more interactive map, click on  Tour 2016 Map.

Here are some images of the community that will be our home base for the summer:

La Mairie (Town Hall) & La Bibliotheque (Library)

L'École (The School)

L’École (The School)

Check out these links on TripAdvisor and HomeAway to learn more about Les Fieux, our home base for this tour.

Here is some detailed information in French on the commune of Annesse-et-Beaulieu.

This year we will be busy training and preparing for the win and will post updates from time to time. We hope you will join us for this next part of our adventure.

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