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imageHave you ever wondered why things happen? Perhaps it’s because of the choices one makes, or choices someone makes for someone else. Or, others believe that everything might be predestined, sometimes entirely out of one’s own hands. Or perhaps you’re just part of a bigger picture, in a universe that is so interconnected that when something happens, a long string of events unfolds and eventually you become part of it.

Whatever your belief, the one constant is that things do happen. As well-rehearsed or planned as some things may be, at times a diversion is created on the path you take.

Life is like that…..for everyone. Good things, not so good things. We’ve mentioned previously that travel (off the beaten path) can yield a treasure trove of wonderful experiences and even when those experiences turn out to be difficult, there are still things one can learn from them. You can choose to run away from them or bury your head in the sand when the going gets tough or……do the best that you can with what you have and work your way through it.

As it turns out, we are going down one of those difficult paths. It is very difficult to face reality especially when it involves the person closest to you, the one you love the most. It feels as if your world is suddenly and inexplicably crumbling around you……and it can make you feel helpless because the only thing on your mind is the health and safety of that loved one. The reality is that life is a circle. And from beginning until life’s circle closes, there will be difficulties and challenges to overcome.

One of the wonderful things that we have rediscovered during this time is how sympathetic, generous, helpful, and kind people are. Even though at the moment our path is rough, we have and are learning good things about the people around us, people we have never met before and about ourselves. It is heartening to feel that despite the turbulence that at the moment seems to engulf you, people come to your aide. If you’re a pessimist, it will restore you’re faith in humanity; if you’re an optimist, it re-enforces it.

For us, it is a time to take stock, reassess our priorities, and take action to rebalance those things that are the most urgent and important in our lives. It will take time as such things sometimes do, but it is our hope that we will succeed and get back on the path we see for ourselves and determine the karma of our lives.

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4 thoughts on “Karma

  1. Robin Stanback on said:

    My Mom used to say you have no choice but to play the hand you are dealt. How you play it – that is your choice. I think the difference in how you play it lies in the love and support you get from family and friends. You seem to have a treasure trove full. We love you and Norman, and wish you the very best.

  2. Cheryl & Norman on said:

    Your mom was so right. Thanks, Robin!

  3. Sharron Thompson on said:

    So sorry things didn’t work out as planned. Your priority now is resting and healing. My prayers are with you both.

  4. Cheryl & Norman on said:

    Thank you, Sharron. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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