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Fall at the Falls

fullsizeoutput_5cbAs planned, we returned to Silver Falls State Park for an autumn viewing. We were not disappointed. Our wish to capture some fall color was granted at an unlikely moment. If you have ever delved into any serious photography, you’ve learned that shooting in the middle of the day is generally not recommended as the sun is high in the sky and your subjects can turn out rather flat and uninteresting. However, there are exceptions to ever rule in photography. This day was proof of that. We arrived at our destination around 11:30 and hiked for two hours. Absolutely midday but the combination of sharply angled autumn sun and a forested canyon location was, nevertheless, perfect. We encountered many beautiful trees still bright with fall yellows, greens, and reds radiantly backlit by the sun. Here are some of the results of our efforts. We hope you enjoy them.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we are certainly thankful for many things in our lives not the least of which is living in a beautiful state where we are surrounded by ever-changing seasons.


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3 thoughts on “Fall at the Falls

  1. Beautiful photos! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Cheryl & Norman on said:

      Thanks, Anna. Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful holiday! Miss seeing photos of all of you now that I am no longer on FB.

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