Paris and Beyond

Our Personal Tour de France & Other Exciting Adventures!

Ready for Takeoff

After almost 4 months of planning and preparation, we are finally ready to get this vacation off the ground. The “flight check” list seemed never ending. For the last two weeks, every item we checked off the top of the list generated another to add to the bottom. A 7-week trip creates a lot of things to consider taking care of so you won’t have to worry about them while you’re having fun far away from home — the bills, the plants, the mail, etc. Trying to pack the perfect suitcase is a challenge and taking care of all your personal appointments is an absolute must. Then there’s the mundane stuff like doing the laundry and cleaning the house because while you know you’re going to really enjoy this vacation, when you return to your own modest 1400 sq. ft., it’s going to seem like a palace compared to French standards.

Using Rosetta Stone, we have worked hard to recover the French we learned so long ago in college. Norman has been a better student than I have. He’s also more confident about jumping in and speaking the language plus he does a great imitation of the French. He’s very convincing and will certainly garner much attention and approval with his efforts. I will certainly be depending on him to get us around and through all our experiences. I understand much of what I hear and read but am not really good at producing complete sentences. However, I do have some magic words ready like “bonjour” and “au revoir” for entering and leaving a store. Small businesses in France are considered an extension of a person’s home so it is common courtesy to use polite phrases upon entering and exiting.

Everything is finally checked off our lists. All three suitcases (oops! Did I say we were only taking two?) are packed and ready to go. We will be taking CalTrain to Bart to SFO tomorrow and then we’ll be on our way via Air France… first stop – Paris. See you there!

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