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Vamos a la Playa

For me, there’s something magical about the beach whether it’s Malibu, Monterey, or Mazatlán. Having spent most of my life on the west coast of the U.S. and a fair amount of vacation time on the Mexican coast as well, I have experienced many idyllic beach environments. However, as far as I’m concerned, nothing can compare with the incredible unending beauty of Bahía de la Concha in Donostia-San Sebastián. If I could choose where to spend my last days, it would be here.

Today I wanted to take in as much of this local splendor as possible and the mile-long promenade which begins only a few steps from our apartment provided the perfect way to do so. As we strolled along the wide curving walkway that skirts the beach, the sound of the gently crashing waves and freshness of the cool ocean breeze were enticing. Truly a photographer’s paradise, but I’m not certain you can really capture its essence in photos or do justice to it with words. Nevertheless, what follows is a bit of a photoblog that might give you some idea of what it’s like.

Ondarreta Beach, full of cabanas, umbrellas, and white folding chairs rented for a nominal fee by a myriad of sunbathers sports this inviting pool where children were busily involved in swimming lessons.


Club Tintín – Swim Instructors Decked Out Hawaiian Style


Ondarreta Beach Pool with Monte Igueldo Backdrop

Lunch at La Perla overlooking La Playa de la Concha with its uniquely designed white iron railing that follows the entire length of the promenade…


Monte Igueldo & La Isla Santa Clara


Delicious Local Amber Ale


Cesar Salad with Langostino wrapped in Crispy Onions

My Companion Now & Forever

My Handsome Companion Today & Always

A final panoramic view of paradise…



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